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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am posting from my sick bed. Seems I have either slipped a disc or have some type of spinal spasms that have allowed me all this free time to scream in pain. Excruciating pain, btw.
Now for an opiate lover such as I, these so called muscle relaxers haven't done shit for me. So I suck it up, and scream it out. My poor youngest son is so afraid to even come within 10 feet of my bed for fear of him bumping the mattress and sending me into another fit of rage, anger, pain, and tears. There have been many, many tears this week.
SO I sit, and have a pity party for myself.
On the upside, Tim bought me a new cell phone. Titanium Voyager. Love it. Love it.
Well, feeling shitting, signing off!


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